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Here at NemoNet we know that many people can get confused with keyboard shortcuts when migrating from Windows or another operating system to Mac. That’s why we’ve decided to let you in on a few of our favourite keyboard shortcuts that are great to know when you’re just starting out as a Mac user. They’re super simple, and can save you bags of time too!

Before we begin, it’s important to note that Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts differ in that Mac’s don’t have a ‘shift’ button, they have a ‘command’ button. But don’t panic, they’re basically used for the same thing!

1) Command + S

This shortcut is our holy grail. It’s for saving your work. It’s very important.

2) Command + X / Command + C / Command + V

These three shortcuts are used in conjunction with eachother. They’re for cutting, copying and pasting, all three of which are done numerous times during our working day. To cut, highlight the text you want to cut with the cursor and simply use Command + X. To copy, use Command + C and finally to paste click where you want the text to appear and hit Command + V. Simples!

3) Command + Space

Spotlight is a nifty little app that was introduced on OS X Tiger and allows you to search through the entire contents of your Mac whether you’re looking for documents, an app or anything else! Hit Command + Space and the blue taskbar should appear in the top right corner of your screen, then simply type away!

4) Command + [ / Command + ]

Ever been browsing through Safari and realised you need to go back a webpage? Well, instead of hunting around the taskbar full of hundreds of icons trying to guess which one simply takes you ‘back’, try hitting Command + [ and it will take you to the previous page. Command + ] does the exact opposite and takes you forward a page. Happy browsing!

5) Control + Option + Command + Eject

Finished working and want to shut down your Mac? This shortcut saves you bags of time! Simply hit Control + Option + Command + Eject and your Mac will automatically shut down (it will also prompt you to close all open apps). If you just want to set your Mac to sleep mode, use Option + Command + Eject.

So there you have it, our best 5 beginner keyboard shortcuts for Mac! Let us know if you’ve tried using them and whether they’ve helped!