Like they say, a picture paints a thousand words! We’re currently seeing a huge shift in web design, with many businesses moving from text heavy sites full of information and little imagery, to clean, minimalistic sites with large, beautiful imagery, lots of white space and minimal text to really focus the user’s attention right where they want it. And...we love it! 

Here at NemoNet HQ, we think that imagery is a huge, if not the most important, part of web design. Images are crucial to engaging a visitor – an engaged user is a longer-staying user and we all know that every second counts! Here’s how images can be used on your website:

-          Background imagery

Using a strong image for your website’s backdrop creates interest and reinforces your brand’s core messages to your visitors. Take a look at a recent website we completed for Crossfit Valentis, see how the subtle but powerful background image reinforces the message that the new Cowes-based gym is embracing both fitness and the Isle of Wight.

Crossfit Valentis mobile responsive website

-          Branding

Your website is your online brochure and no brochure is complete without your logo and key brand images. Your logo should be bold and clearly visible to your visitors. Mis-sized and pixelated images are a big no no! Take a look at another website we created for natural medicine specialists Sage House Clinic. See how their logo is clean and at the centre of the page to create maximum impact. We say, yes yes!

SageHouse Clinic Website

-          Product and service images

Whether you’re selling high-end tailored suits or you’re a local taxi service – customers ultimately want to see what they’re getting in exchange for their money when they visit your website. The key word here being ‘see’. Show them every detail of your tailored suits down to the luxe cotton stitching, or show them the plush interior of your Ford Fiesta – don’t be shy! Take a look at this website we created for The Boat House holiday accommodation. See how the wide variety of images show visitors every nook and cranny of the holiday properties, the restaurant, the cafe and the surrounding area. You can see there is little need for any text because the pictures do all the talking...viola! 

The BoatHouse mobile responsive website

If you would like to learn more about website imagery, or would like to find out how NemoNet can create a beautiful, image-rich website for your business, drop us an e-mail at or give us a call on 01983 810455.