We love small Island businesses (we are one of course!) and we want to give you a helping hand by sharing some great hints and tips to help make daily life a little easier.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your company’s web address. It’s essentially what people need to type in the search bar to find your website. We like to think of it as a ‘virtual postcode’.

How do I choose one?

Choosing a domain name is an art in itself and it’s worth doing some good research beforehand. We recommend going with your business name, as this is something people can remember easily. It’s important to check that the name isn’t already in use, which is often the case. There are lots of tools to help you do this, for example http://www.domaincheck.co.uk/. If your chosen name is unavailable, it’s worth adding either your location e.g. isleofwightclothes.com or another keyword related to your business e.g isleofwightvintageclothes.com.

Now I have chosen one, what next?

You now need to register your domain name. There are lots of domain registrars available, including https://www.123-reg.co.uk/ or http://uk.godaddy.com/. Fees vary between registrars but on average the yearly cost is around £10.

And finally...Once registered, your new domain name can be transferred into the care of your web host. Some web hosts actually register domain names directly so it’s worth checking and comparing costs.

And voila!

If this still sounds like too much hassle, why not let us take the strain out of it for you? We offer many services including domain name advice and purchasing. So get in touch... hello@nemonet.co.uk / 01983 810455.

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