Wendy approached us cautiously, terrified of computers and needing a helping hand getting a website together. We ushered her in, gave her a calming cup of tea and together we ventured into the world of websites one step at a time.

She needed something simple that acted as a quick portfolio showcasing some of her more unique collections and previous work. Everything was designed with a strong Contact Me call to action so that she could speak to them directly about their requests rather than selling pre-made items online.

The navigation of the website is straight forward with everything clearly on display. We designed an in-depth 'Contact' page with map, contact form and instructions of how to get in touch so prospective customers had a number of options available. Images were the priority throughout the website with only a basic caption from Wendy to explain the technical aspects, and we added an 'Our Work' page so she could update customers with her latest projects.

The end result is a rich, textured website which allows the pictures to do the talking and encourages customers to get in touch with Wendy so she can deliver an individually tailored service.

It also has an easy to use Content Management System, and after a quick tutorial, Wendy left here with a beautiful website and confident enough in her new skills to be able to update it herself. A happy ending (and beginning) for an Isle of Wight business.

Wendy says, 'I had been thinking about a website for a while, but wanted something a little different. I had been recommended NemoNet as clients had been very happy with with the service they had received. I knew straight away that they were the company for me. We discussed all that I wanted, they guided me with ideas and between us we got the lovely results that I wanted. They were reliable, knowledgeable, helpful and I would recommend them every time.'

Check it out here and let us know what you think by commenting, tweeting or Facebook us.

Are you terrified of computers too? Don't have the foggiest what a responsive website could be?

Don't despair!

Our team are great at building you a stunning website and then teaching you how to use the CMS yourself, so there's no on-going fees every time you want to update it. We don't use big words and there's usually a good supply of chocolate biscuits around so if you fancy popping by, please do!

Feel free to give us a ring on 01983 810505 or email hello@nemonet.co.uk if you fancy a chat first.

Team NemoNet