This week has been a big week for Team NemoNet. We've been cooking up something rather exciting lately and it launched yesterday at the Chamber of Commerce's Business Expo.

We've created a unique new way of ordering websites off of our tasty website menu. The format helps customers pick and choose exactly what ingredients they'd like in their website, so they don't end paying for things unnecessarily, and is much more engaging to use.

So with new branding, sales tools and website fresh out the oven, the team hit up the Island's biggest business event to promote NemoNet's new style and...

WOW. We had fantastic comments. People were intrigued, surprised, amazed, excited, curious and fascinated by the concept. We had people coming round twice to see us, people bringing colleagues over for a look, meetings arranged, contacts created and got invited to speak at the Chamber's monthly start up course. It couldn't have gone any better.

But at the heart of things, our values are still the same. We're a bunch of friendly, professional designers with plenty of experience and a passion for creating beautiful websites which raises a businesses bottom line.

Check out the Menu tab and have a look, we'd love to hear any feedback or questions you may have via email, Facebook, Twitter or a nice chat over the phone with a brew.