In this day and age of technology, everything is about speed. Need to book a hotel? Book instantly online. Got a question? Just Google it. Want to know what the weather's doing in Scotland tonight? Metcheck can tell you everything from windspeed to rainfall.

This has had an incredible effect on people's attention spans – they simply do not have the patience of more than a few seconds to find the information they need.

So what has this got to do with having Flash elements on your website?

Flash was a poplar multimedia software used to add animations, special effects and play audio and video on websites in the 2000s. Now, however, the technology is considered to be a distraction and actually makes your website more difficult for customers to use.

Here's our top 5 reasons why Flash shouldn't be used on a business website any more;

  1. Hard to find information - In order to provide the information your customers need, your website needs to be simple to navigate and have an easy to read, clear structure. If essential info is hidden behind flashing, whizzing, moving special effects, people simply won't see it.
  2. Speed – Speed is the name of the game with more people than ever using mobile devices when they're out and about. Flash dramatically increases your website load time, and your audience will simply not hang around waiting for it to load. They'll bounce off and find a competitor's site which is more user friendly
  3. Access – Not all devices support Flash, Apple products being the main culprits (and there's currently around 1 billion in use at the moment). This means you alienate a huge portion of your audience (again... 1 billion) who won't be able to access your information without installing special software to support it. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people just won't do that. They'll find another website which is easier to use.
  4. Bad for SEO – If keywords are hidden within Flash software, search bots won't be able to read them. Don't forget – search engines are blind so rely on reading the keywords and phrases to understand what your website is about. Not only that, but websites built in Flash won't have unique URL's for each page, so your internal pages will be much harder to find.
  5. Difficult to update – you'll need specialist assistance every time you want to update your website, so maintaining it will be costly and time consuming. With so many websites out there offering their own content management system, it seems silly to have to pay someone for small content updates.
Look familiar? If your website uses Flash this could be what your customers are seeing when trying to access your website.

Look familiar? If your website uses Flash this could be what your customers are seeing when trying to access your website.

So if your current website uses Flash and you need an overhaul, get in touch with our experienced web design team today.

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