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5 reasons Flash is dead

Flash is slow to load, it makes your website hard to use and it isn't supported with any Apple products. If your website uses Flash software, check out our top 5 reasons you need an immediate overhaul.



Does your website need to get in shape?

We were delighted to see our recent advert featured in Evolution Gym in Ryde this month!

Whilst everyone is focusing on getting their bodies in tip top condition before the summer, we're urging them to think about their online presence too! Whether you are an individual, small business or enterprise start up you need a great looking website built by professionals you can trust in. NemoNet handcraft business pages, portfolios and blogs for a diverse range of customers at prices everyone can afford. Our business was set up to focus on individuals, start ups and small organisations that want professionally designed websites at sensible prices. Our offering is not only affordable but feature rich, providing our customers with a highly competitive and professional website solution.

If you would like to find out more please drop us an e-mail at or call 01983 810455.

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Island Natural Medicine Clinic receives the NemoNet treatment!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently completed another new

website, this time for new Ryde-based natural medicine specialists, Sage House

Clinic. Sage House Clinic is run by Western Medical Herbalist Claire Hudson and

Osteopath and Naturopath Stephen Chesters. Claire and Stephen offer a range of

treatments from aromatherapy to massage and offer specialist services that

can’t be found anywhere else on the island. They also produce their own

complimentary aromatherapy oils and medicines.


Claire and Stephen were looking to create a brand new website where they could

showcase their services in a brochure style website. The new site does exactly

this and presents their services and products in a stunning catalogue. 

Check out their new site here.


What do you think? We’d love to hear our feedback!

If you would like to discuss what we can do for business, e-mail: or give us a call on 01983 810455.  


Sage House Clinic logo



What is Menu Block?

Menu Block is a super little widget that lets you display your restaurant’s menu on your site. We’re going to take you through step by step on how to add the Menu Block app to your NemoNet site.

Step 1 – Add the Menu Block

In the Content Manager, view a page and click the + Add block button:

In the Add a Block overlay, select the Content tab the click and drag the Menu Block to position it within your content or just click it to place it below your content.

Add block images

 Step 2 – Add a Menu

A single Menu Block can hold multiple menus to differentiate between your offerings, like Breakfast or Dinner. To add a Menu, simply type the name of the menu and place at least 4 equal signs (=) underneath it.

Edit menu

Step 3 - Add a Section

You can split each menu into sections. To create a section, type your section name beneath the appropriate menu, then add at least 4 hyphens (-) beneath it. You will need an empty line between sections. 

Edit Menu 2

On the line directly beneath the 4 hyphens, you can type a description of the section. Your sections will appear as headings within the menu.

Step 4 - Add Menu Items

To add a menu item, simply type the name of the item below a section of a menu.

Directly beneath the menu item, you can add a description of the item. 

Edit menu 3

Beneath the description, you can add the price.

You can add pricing variants by using a slash (/) between prices.

You can also designate a Market Price by adding $MKT or $Market Price as the price. As long as the currency symbol is first, you can place the price immediately following the menu item or description.

Edit Menu 4

NoteDescriptions for menussections, or menu items are optional.

Step 5 - Design You Menu (Optional)

Click the Design tab within the Menu Block configuration to edit the appearance of your menu.

The Simple Menu Style creates a single column menu with centered text.

The Simple Menu style will appear similarly to the image below.

simple 1.png

The Classic Menu Style creates a menu with multiple columns.

The Classic Menu style appears similarly to the image below.

classic menu 2.jpg

You can also choose between the Dollar ($), the Euro (), the Pound (£), or the Yen () as the currency symbol for your menu items. You can also hide the currency symbol by selecting None.

Note: The currency symbol choosen within the Design tab will appear, regardless of the currency symbol used when typing in menu items.

All the text in the Menu Block can be styled with the Body Text tweak in your Style Editor under Color or Typography within the Style Editor



NemoNet's New Studio in Ryde, Isle of Wight!

After months of hard work it now feels like everything is falling into place for us here at NemoNet. We have our awesome new website, a fab new team and to top it off we now have a shiny new HQ! Our new home is a super cool Grade II listed Victorian industrial warehouse called The Coaching House on Union Road in Ryde. The building has recently been redeveloped to house five brand new offices, and our fellow residents include The New Carnival Company. We will be situated in Office 1 (naturally) and with it comes shared kitchen facilities for us to re-fuel after all our hard work. We couldn’t be more excited!


BateBrand Headoffice



Did you know...

In 2012 the guys at Squarespace have nearly doubled their support staff reaching 107 employees! This is great news for NemoNet and our customers; it ensures Squarespace really can live up to their 365 day 24/7 support promise - the team at NemoNet love customer service!