If you're a shop owner and haven't already got an e-Commerce store... now's the time!

Shopping habits have changed dramatically over the past few years and people do more buying online than ever before. According to the Centre for Retail Research, multichannel shoppers will spend an average of £1,962 each online in 2016* and if your products aren't available online, you're dipping out on business and giving it away to your competitors.

Here's 4 excellent reasons you need e-Commerce:

1) Unlike a physical shop, once a customer completes a transaction with you, they don't just walk out the door. You have the means of staying in touch with them via email which is particularly useful if you personalise any further communications according to their shopping habits, e.g, if they bought a bottle of perfume you could email next time you have an offer on that item or if you captured their date of birth, why not send them a money off voucher for that item on their birthday? You can create a long lasting relationship built around their shopping habits, encouraging them to visit and buy more frequently.

2) An e-Commerce store increases your audience by volumes. You no longer need to rely on a physical location's footfall to increase sales, you have the world at your fingertips. And what's even better is that your audience are searching for your products at the exact moment they're ready to buy. If they don't find you, they're finding someone else and buying from them.

3) Opening times? Nope, they don't exist any more! You are available to buy from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what country or time zone you're in. It also means you're freer because you're not physically tied to being at the shop any more in order to be selling.

4) An e-Commerce store is cost effective. Quickly tot up how much your shop costs to keep open, thinking about the obvious things like bills and rent but also things like the petrol to get there, the cost of buying lunch each day or wages for employing someone else to be there when you can't. Once the website is built, it can cost as little as £20 a month to host your website... we bet that's a lot cheaper than running your shop!

Obviously for some businesses it is important to have a physical location as well, but those that do best are the ones that combine their bricks and mortar shop with an e-Commerce website and reap the rewards from both.

The good news: It doesn't have to cost a fortune! Our websites are fully responsive, search engine optimised and have an easy to use content management system so you can do all the maintenance yourself and not have to keep paying us to... woohoo.

The even better news: Our Nemonet websites now have a dedicated e-Commerce app available for iOS and android phones, so you can handle your most important e-Commerce needs wherever you are. You can:

  • Add tracking number to orders by scanning the shipping label with your camera

  • Answer customer enquiries

  • Issue refunds

  • Re-send order emails

  • Quickly update inventory levels

All in one beautifully easy step. Combine this with the powerful metrics app, the useful note app and the easy blogging app and you have all the tools you need to become an online powerhouse.

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*Statistic from here.