We love a good workout here at Nemonet.

No... not the hot and sweaty kind, the website kind.

We're firm believers that your website should be working hard behind the scenes to promote, market and increase your businesses sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Use this check list to kickstart a quick review process and get geared up to take your business forward in 2016. No special equipment necessary, just your thinking caps, a spare 20 minutes and bright yellow leg warmers if you fancy looking the part as well. If at any time you get stuck, don't worry, head down to the last paragraph to find out what you can do to get back on track.

First things first, let's warm up with how your brand expresses itself visually.

  • Your logo - Is it still relevant, modern and unique so you stand out? Does it communicate your key message effectively and in such a way that people will remember you?

  • Visual language – Do your images reflect what your business stands for, demonstrate the services you offer or show off your products in a clear and interesting manner? Does your colour palate still mirror your values and the tone you wish you convey?

  • Have you recently reviewed and analysed your competition's branding, market position and website to see how they compare to you?

Ok, we're in the swing of things so let's dig a little deeper in to the content of your website.

  • Is the copy well produced, easy to read and tells potential customers the benefits of working with your company, not just the features?

  • Do you have unique content specific to your business, such as an image gallery of products you've produced, testimonials from real customers about your service, an accurate menu of food you offer etc.

  • Is your call to action obvious so whatever page someone someone lands on, they know what the best course of action is and what you want them to do? Whether it's book online, give you a ring, buy something etc, the audience need to have a next step made clear and easy for them.

Now for the main workout – how user friendly is your website?

  • Is the design responsive and optimised to work on different sized devices? More searches are now done thorough mobile devices, so if you're not catering for these, you're presenting your business on out of date, difficult to use technology to over 50% of your audience. Due to the bad experience, you'll be slipping down the search rankings as well as losing business.

  • Is the website navigation intuitive to use with clear options and the content laid out in well titled pages, sections and bullet points so potential customers can quickly access the information they need?

  • Does the website load and respond quickly and have all the correct files? A long load time will encourage bounce rates and missing files or broken links will really damage not only your audience's impression, but also your search engine ranking.

Finally, it's time to get hot with search engines.

  • Do you have an analytic system installed so you can monitor traffic, where it comes from and what your site's most popular/least popular content is? This is an essential tool to be able to measure the success of any marketing or advertising campaigns you run.

  • Is the structure of content easily accessibly for search engines, eg, page title, header, sub-header, main copy and images with alternative text, all containing your key words or phrases?

  • How many good quality, in-bound links do you have to your website? The better linked your website is from other trusted sources, the higher search engines will rank it. Directories are a great way of increasing these, do you have a directory entry system?

And... breathe, you're finished!

Ok, so if you got through all of that and barely broke a sweat answering the questions then we award you a big Nemonet brownie point (unfortunately not made of real brownies... we ate all of those over Christmas).

If you're still curious about how your website's performing check out our comprehensive SEO reports for £99. They contain over 20 pages with valuable analysis of your website and how to improve it, read more at our blog post here or just give us a buzz on 01983 810505.

If you're confused, skipped questions, sweating, have a huge headache and need some help getting your website up together... you're in the right place. All of the above points are important in ensuring your website gets the best results possible, but most of them need specialist web designer attention.

If you're an ambitious business looking to get a competitive advantage in 2016, a professionally designed website will be your best investment and your ultimate selling tool. You don't have to know the answers to ANY of the questions we asked because we're here to help guide you through the entire process. After working with us, you'll be confident that your website is working as hard as you do and you'll be seeing the positive results in the bottom line of your business.

Come and see us before the end of January and you could be up and running before Easter and the new tax year.

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