Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we were excited to start working with former BBC and Sky News Journalist Harriet Hadfield on a website for her new venture, 360/VR storytelling business HumanImage.

The HumanImage team create content using 360 video, providing an immersive experience in which people can be transported across the globe through VR videos and headsets - a growing trend in the technology sector.

A Google Cardboard VR headset with HumanImage branding. Photography by HumanImage.

A Google Cardboard VR headset with HumanImage branding. Photography by HumanImage.

While designing the website, we wanted to get an understanding of the technology HumanImage work with, and how the business fits into this exciting new area of media.

“The choice of 360 cameras is improving and changing at a dizzying rate,” explains Harriet Hadfield, Founder of HumanImage. “Almost as soon as you’ve bought one, another is released which raises the game in terms of things like resolution, size, durability and stitching options. At HumanImage, our approach is to mix high-end consumer cameras for doing wearable POV shots with our main camera: a monopod-mounted semi-pro option called the ZCam S1 which has 4 built-in cameras, and produces four separate shots for each scene which then need to be stitched together into the full spherical image. It’s a long process but the quality is truly amazing.”

“Immersive technologies” currently divide opinion among critics on their place in our lives. For sceptics they are merely a fad, destined to fail in the mass consumer market; for others they are an exciting advancement that will complement our existing relationship with visual content.

Harriet believes that 360 will soon become a normal part of the way we experience online content, hoping that social channels such as Instagram and Twitter will begin to enable 360 embeds.

“Headsets are great, but so many people don’t have them, they’ve been a slight barrier to entry. Now I think brands and digital publishers are starting to really appreciate how engaging 360 content can be on Facebook and YouTube which enable to the viewer to watch on a mobile or desktop.”

To embed one of HumanImage's 360 videos into a Nemonet website, our designer had to do something never done before in a Squarespace template. The website features the hallmarks of a Nemonet site: clean and contemporary design – including the use of popular parallax scrolling – user-friendly functionality, and a responsive design that will work on all mobile devices.

The HumanImage website, built in Squarespace, is suitable for all screen sizes.

The HumanImage website, built in Squarespace, is suitable for all screen sizes.

With a strong background in broadcast journalism, Harriet believes that HumanImage will provide clients with interactive media they can use to tell their story, showcasing cutting-edge content that will enhance their brand.

“HumanImage was founded on the fundamentals of video journalism. We love to tell a story and we are all multi-skilled operators who can shoot, stitch and edit. Using those principles, alongside hi-quality but inexpensive kit, we are able to offer clients 360 video at a much more accessible price than they might usually associate with Virtual Reality content.”

“In a year or so, I believe many people will view 360 video as normal and native - some might even come to expect it!”

We have loved working with HumanImage on their website, and hope to see their production of 360 videos hit new heights in the coming months!

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