We have another brand new website live but there's an interesting story behind this one. Grab a cuppa and prepare to have your heart warmed.

Once upon a time (5 months ago) our studios suffered heavy water damage from a fire. Odd, we know, but the fire crews had to fight the blaze on the floor above from within our studios so everything got soaked.

Luckily for us, one of the retained firefighters grabbed all our Macs out before the hoses were turned on, so the morning after we were up and running like nothing had ever happened... albeit in a slightly different location.

The name of that switched on firefighter was Heath Monaghan. Heath also runs the community based project called Aspire, which is housed in the Holy Trinity church. The church was due for destruction as it only had 12 regular attendees, but Heath and an ever growing group of volunteers stepped in and saved it. They now see over 1,000 people through their doors every week and are the social hub of Ryde with a huge range of projects, classes and support services. It really is incredible what they have achieved, and how many people they have helped, in a year.

A few hours after the fire had happened, Heath contacted us again and offered us temporary office accommodation in Aspire. We were so overwhelmed with how thoughtful and considerate he'd been, we decided that he wanted to help him out in return.

And that was how Aspire's brand new website came about. They needed an online presence but didn't have the budget for a professional design or the skill set to do it in-house themselves so we offered to create it for them.

In the 24 hours since the official launch party, Aspire have had 562 page visits from over 115 unique visitors!

See the website for yourself here www.aspireryde.org.uk

It's simple, clear, easy to navigate and displays a selection of some of the many different services and projects they have going on. One of the most important features is the calendar, as Heath needed to cut down the amount of team time spent answering queries about what classes were when and at what times the different spaces were available for hire. We integrated Aspire's Google calendar so the public could see it and taught some of the team how to use the content management system so they can add services as the project grows and grows.

We will continue to work closely with Aspire on a range of projects as we love being involved with this group of hard working volunteers who do so much good in the Isle of Wight community.