Physiocare are the Isle of Wight's leading Chartered Physiotherapists who offer a wide range of treatments with their highly qualified therapist team. Each team member has a special area of expertise and many years experience both in private healthcare and the NHS. With clinics in Ryde, Bembridge and Cowes, and a door to door service for those unable to leave the house, they provide a much quicker, more comprehensive physiotherapy alternative to the NHS.

Our team mates over at Bate Brand were responsible for their re-brand and new visual identity (check it out here!), so, armed with their style guidelines, we set to work on their website.

The website – PhysioCare used their old site as an information hub to display all the different types of ailments that they can help with, but they felt that a change in purpose would help the business see a higher ROI.

We noticed several main issues;

  • There was no call to action – people weren't being guided into getting in touch 

  • Outdated technology – the website wasn't optimised for different sized-devices (responsive) meaning that it was hard for people to use on the go and search engines were penalizing it

  • Inconsistent content – large paragraphs of text on some pages and empty pages elsewhere

  • No strong benefits to customers highlighted – nothing to differenciate them from competitors

Our team streamlined the content and got to work building the new site. The overall look and feel is much friendlier and engaging for the audience, site navigation has been simplified and the colours of the logo are used to create beautiful panels which break information into easy to read, bite-size chunks. With several strong calls to action (including limited time discounts at the point of going live) and key differentiating factors highlighted throughout the design, the new site spurs potential clients to get in touch. Testimonials provide reassurance from other real-life clients that picking Physiocare is the right choice and a Contact form on every page means that when clients decide to book, they don't have to go hunting for a Contact form and therefore prolonging the appointment process.

To offer extra value and promote return visits to the website, Physiocare also have a directory of useful contacts installed. There's voluntary organisations which support sufferers and families of various diseases and a range of sport clubs/gyms/activities listed with all the essential information a visitor would need.

Why don't you grab some tea and biscuits and take a look, we'd love to hear any feedback you have -

As with every Nemonet website, the design uses state of the art technology to ensure it's fully responsive for every sized device, comes with it's own intuitive content management system (really, it's so easy that if you can use Word, you can maintain your own website) and is search engine optimised  so that you're found easily.

If you need a logo designed, website help or just fancy a chat about what we can do to help your business, don't hesitate to get in touch as we'd love to talk to you.

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