We made contact with The Stone Workshop a couple of months ago and Danny knew he needed a website to work harder for his business. He had a clear vision of what the website was to look like and how it has to behave so we kickstarted the process and got him up and running within a few short weeks.

The primary purpose of the new website is to raise awareness and drive sales of his Learn the Art of Stone Carving workshops. So how did we go about this?

  • A large image demonstrating Danny's skills with overlaid text inviting people to come and learn with him immediately captures the imagination of anyone landing on his site and perfectly sums up what he's offering. There's nothing more frustrating than landing on a website but being confused about what a business is about.
  • The navigation is beautifully easy. Everything is on one page so nobody gets 'lost' in the site, and the different sections are clearly labelled so the audience can click on the part they're interested in and the website takes them there... how easy is that!
  • The responsive design works flawlessly on any sized device from the smallest smartphone to the largest laptop screens. Not only does this offer unparalleled ease of use regardless of whether you're in bed at home or at work at lunchtime, but the website also benefits from huge brownie points from Google because of the great user experience. It's a win-win situation and any website that isn't responsive really needs an overhaul.
  • Images are used throughout to display Danny's previous work and he has a series of his YouTube clips uploaded so potential customers can actually see the workshops and what to expect. It's highly engaging (for people and for search engines!) and adds an extra, interactive dimension to the website design.
  • A rolling banner of testimonials over a real-life customer image inspires trust and gives a great insight to what previous customers thought of the course. It's no longer enough to say that you're great on your website – your customers have to say it to.

The website also offers a bucket load of other features including; SEO set up, an easy to use content management system and training how to use it, a metrics system to measure traffic, an interactive contact form, an online map, social media buttons, 24/7 hosting support.... the list goes on.

It's a great example of how a professional one page website can benefit a smaller business, we know for a fact he's had some bookings from it already!

Danny had this to say about working with the Nemonet team...

"It was very easy working with the team and Elliott's final version was better than my original vision. It was very good value, very timely and met my original deadline. They did what they said they would, worked to the price we agreed and I was very happy with the outcome. Nothing to improve on that basis and I would recommend without hesitation. Great service for great value."

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