The Nemonet team are happy to announce that we're now part of the exclusive Squarespace Circle community, yay!

Squarespace Circle Member logo

(Not sure who Squarespace are or why we're excited to be part of their Circle? Take a look at our Tour of Squarespace and find out why we love it so much.)

Once web designers have produced a certain number of Squarespace websites they are invited to join the Circle and become part of a tight-knit online community consisting of inspiring creatives, devoted developers and innovative designers from around the world.

Now that we have produced enough websites to qualify for Circle membership, we gain access to an online resource of packed full of expert insights and knowledgable tips, meaning that keeping up with all the latest trends and tricks will be a breeze.

Our customers will benefit from our new membership status as the Circle is a vast support system of other qualified, talented designers which we can tap into as and when we need. They say two heads are better than one... well our team of three now has access to hundreds of heads all focussing on one thing: making your website the best it can be (sounds pretty darn good to us!)

It adds heaps of value to our service and there's also a few other added bonuses;

  • 6 month trial – Our turnaround time doesn't normally require a 6 month trial, but it will be nice to have no trial deadlines which need extending when we're working on a project. We'll be spending that extra time dedicated to ensuring that your new website not only looks great, but performs well and, ultimately, brings in business.

  • Optimised customer care – as a recognised Circle member, the Squarespace support staff are aware that we know what we're talking about. So if any little niggles or issues arise during the website's development, we can quickly get down to the nitty gritty and get things straightened out as soon as possible for our customers, no problems.

  • Members-only materials – exclusive items such as advanced guides, news updates and everything else our Nemonet team could dream of to help us grow creatively and professionally.

The world of website design moves so quickly, that if you're not pushing forwards and continuing to learn, you're falling behind. Being a Circle member will allow our team to bring you the best of what Sqaurespace offers, so whether you need a new website now, in a year's time or even in 5 year's time, you can be assured that we're at the top of our game and ready to take on your project.

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