Designing your website is only the start of the journey. The businesses who see their website as an essential marketing and sales tool and track, analyse and record data accordingly are the businesses who reap the rewards.

Knowing where your audience is coming from and what they're looking at is an excellent indication as to what you're doing well with and can push further, and conversely, it will show you weaker areas that could use improving. For example, a jewellery maker running an online advertising campaign to boost e-commerce sales needs to monitor their return on investment by recording how much the ad costs to run vs how many sales they get as a direct result, otherwise they're left in the dark about how successful the campaign was. When the time comes to allocate budget, you want to know that you're investing money into the most productive activities. It's all about honing and streamlining your budget in order to get the best Return On Investment (ROI).

It sounds terribly complicated – but it's not. Our Nemonet websites come with an easy to use analytics system (handily called Analytics) as standard which makes it simple for businesses to see their real-time stats. 

Traffic Overview – General data on the number of visitors your site has had including page views, visits and audience size.

Mobile Usage – Find out the percentage of your audience using your site from a mobile/tablet device. People are often surprised by how many it is!

RSS Subscribers – An estimation of your RSS subscribers by feed

Referrers – A great tool to see where your traffic is being referred from whether it's through search engines, social media, other websites etc. Particularly useful if you run online advertising campaigns (social media, Google etc) and to identify sources of a sudden increase in traffic.

Popular Content – Knowing what content is most popular is a useful inspiration tool when you come to do your next update.

Search Queries – This section is mostly of benefit to businesses running sponsored ads. Google will show you some search engine keywords but only if you're running a paid ad with them.

Search Site Queries – what customers are searching for within your site

Activity log - A searchable list of every time a visitor accessed a URL on your site in the past seven days. Includes IP addresses.

Sales overview – a basic insight into the e-commerce for standard websites, this gets much more in-depth for specific e-commerce sites.

All this information can be easily digested by anyone, so are ideal for businesses needing a general understanding of how their website is working. If you need more specific data, we do recommend installing Google Analytics as well to provide a deeper understanding, but the Analytics we provide (free of charge) is a great starting point.

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