Happy fireworks day!

Here at NemoNet HQ, we think ‪websites‬ are a lot like firework displays. Some are exciting, full of wonder and you can't help but let out an "ahhh... oooo...". You'll tell all your friends how good they were and when people ask about where to go in the future, you'll whole heartedly recommend the one you went to. Months down the line, long after the initial contact, you'll still be thinking about how great that firework display/website was.

On the flip side, some are a disappointment. There's gaps between fireworks or pages loading, and when they do appear, they're not quite what you were expecting. You end up leaving early, before the grand finale or buying a product/booking their services, because you've been let down and can't be bothered to stay until the end. Ah well, you think, you'll go somewhere else next time.

And that's it, a customer has been lost to a competitor.

For a lot of people, a website is the first point of contact and it will speak volumes about the type of business you are. Will you be the uninspired, DIY job that your neighbour/brother's friend/second cousin did, or will you light up someone's night and be remembered for being fantastic?

Having a professionally designed website doesn't have to cost a bomb, our prices start from just £300 for a fully responsive, search engine optimised, beautiful design sure to put you one step ahead and we offer a wealth of technology and experience as standard.

Need a hand? Get in touch and we'll make your business sparkle.


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