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Each template is one hundred percent customisable, expandable and reliable! To get started simply chose an example from the list below and send us your text and images - we will completely restyle the template to your company identity, add your content and apply a little NemoNet love to make your website truly unique and special.



Show your love to the world. Charlotte is an easy to use template for fun-loving couples that tells your story with beautiful photo galleries, a full-screen header image, and scroll-based navigation.


When you put on a show, you only get one stage. Horizon is no different. Designed to be a one-page experience you can expand on, Horizon brings your audience to you faster.


Aubrey prominently displays your favourite photos while utilising a unique front and centre design that puts your occasion’s most important details where they can’t be missed.



Om is tranquil template that elevates your content above the noise of a conventional website.
Control your images with Shift. With gigantic, screen-filling images and variety of ways for you to tell your story, Shift is for individuals who are making moves.
Anya makes capturing the spirit of your engagement fun and easy. It’s intuitive interface and beautiful features make it the ideal template for telling the story of your time together.





When you want to make the most of your moments, choose Naomi to display engagement photos and the details of your occasion with long, scrolling pages and beautiful interactive elements.
Encore gives your fans more. Designed to put your persona front and centre without scrolling, everything you want people to know about your sound is now just a click away.
Alex is like no other template - so it’s perfect for your engagement. Alex helps you tell your story in a dynamic, engaging, and fun way that uses parallax scrolling and stunning, full-screen imagery to give visitors an unforgettable experience.





If you’re a band, you need two things to put on a show: sound and visuals. With Adversary, you get full-page images and a bolder platform for sharing your sound with the world.
Hayden is a contemporary design favoured by small and mid-sized businesses with a chic aesthetic and a modern sensibility.
Fulton is for craftsmen seeking a competitive edge for their eCommerce website. With large galleries and striking headlines, Fulton is all about craftsmanship and contrast.




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